We wish to unite and create a network between independent artists, from beginners to pros, which focuses on the quality an artist can add without looking at borders. Open to all artists but not only artists , producers and beat makers as well as all working in the entertainment/music world can be a member.

This action of involving all will be implemented through the various portals in the application such as:

Conference room: where webinars, meetings, consultations and conferences will and can be held.

Various events which would focus on the professionalisation of artists is the main objective in this room

Blog where reviews of submitted music from members and non will be published as well as news about musical projects/bands around the globe . Giving visibility and possibilities to artists through publications of their releases and publications of news that can possibly create participation and career building (earn something from their music). Video room: a room dedicated to the arts. This is where artists will be able to publish exhibitions like live streaming events , live in the studio, Free time with the fans etc..

Giving a visual content is always appreciated by the public and this means more publicity, visibility and relationship with your fans.

Mentorship room: formation and motivation of artists to foster and bring out maximum creativity when it comes to making songs.

Banger songs making will be the main objective in this room

Artists will have a submission pin where on click will be directed to submit songs for review and published also on abepeshow.com

Management & Contact

The app is managed by Abe Pe Show music house, supported by Kariba, designed by ------ and partly funded by Trento Piano Giovani in partnership with Centro Musica.


It’s a free app with membership types and donation plans. Some features might include a mandatory donation for an optimum service. Feel free also to make a donation for the maintenance and motivation of our operators.