Abe pe Show is a music production house based in Trento (Italy). We produce high quality Music and Entertainment. * Get your song mixed * Get your song on our playlist * Find your Jingles * Sales of beats * We host shows/concerts/events


Initially the aim was to produce Nana Motobi's songs but the beauty of producing for other artists opened up with lovely encounters and sharing of knowledge. Taking care of our production processes in the various phases from pre production to post production is a vital instrument that Abe Pe Show has in it's posession. For this winning team Quality music is a drive that has conditioned us to want the best! For an artist we use the vital instrument to build quality songs. A touch of a mix of exotic and local music is what you get when we produce your album. We can't be Making music without events so event organisation Is another speciality and with the current changes lately with respect to covid; we are here with a proposal that Will change the event scene!!! Our Camera room designed to organise live events and forums based on musical projects Will be released on our mic and beat platform! Teamwork is another key tool . All collaborators from management, concept designing , beat makers , instrumentalists to audio engineering put in their maximum effort in a communicative way to bring forward top productions.